What is DRUMBA®?

DRUMBA® is a high-energy workout session based around a mix of popular music whilst learning and playing a drum

DRUMBA® is a cross curricular class that delivers music and P.E. in one lesson and demands concentration, memory and stamina

Based around circuit training routines that will leave your cheeks aching more than any other muscles in your body from all the laughter!

The Benefits

A positive charge that lasts for days afterwards
Co-ordination skills
Full body and mind workout
Feel good factor
Cross lateral brain development
Fine motor skills and handwriting improvement
Feel part of a team by playing in time and moving in sync with others

Engage kinesthetic learners
Build confidence
Learn traditional drumming disciplines
Contributes towards a 30 minute per day active/healthy schools agenda
100% participation rate
Effective use of PE and sports premium funding


Drumba have visited us 3 years on the trot now for our “Sports Week” event, which takes place each July. Drumba are reliable and experienced. Each year their vibrant, well managed team visit us, they deliver a great understanding and familiarity of our busy school environment. Drumba offer a quality activity, that is flexible. The instructors adapt quickly and easily to the different dynamics of our classes, combining excellent behaviour management. Our children with SEND needs were also completely engaged and got a lot out of the 30 minute sessions. A Drumba session involves the whole body, the beating / hitting of the drums releases frustration and the music in the routines excites our children.

Jack Sanders – Crossdale School Keyworth Nottingham


Year 5 children said:

“There was so much exercise”
“That was the best PE lesson I have ever had”
“Can we please have an after school club or at least another session”
“It was loads of fun”
“It was awesome”
“It was exhausting”

A Teacher said:

“Drumba® is one of the best sports provisions he has ever seen in a school. The kids really enjoyed it and commented that all children were focused and engaged.
The coaches were amazing and combined good behaviour management with having fun”

Nicki Biggs – School Games Organiser – Sutton Road School Mansfield


“Professional. High Quality. Unique. Drumba has delivered on every level since the very first introduction and assembly. The children and staff at St Edmund Campion have been captivated and enthused by the skill, high energy and fast paced sessions. The co-ordination and concentration involved alongside the physical aspect provides the perfect challenging workout that hits every goal of the Government’s sports premium goals.

The feedback has been excellent from the children and parents highlighting clear progression, confidence and enjoyment. This has particularly been key for those children previous not engaged in sport and physical activity. There has also been a measured improvement during class.

The sessions have been fully booked and the consistent standard of teachers has been excellent which is testament to the quality and professionalism of Drumba. Not only has Drumba enriched our after school provision, but as part of our health weeks – with all children active and engaged from FS to Y6.

We have been extremely lucky launch school sessions for the teachers, which we can highly recommend. A perfect way to be active, strengthen bonding, aid well-being and be really physical – tailored to everyone’s needs. We can’t wait for mix tape 10! Thank you Drumba!”

Simon Tuckwell – St Edmund Campion – Nottinghamshire


“Firstly I want to thank you for the brilliant workshop you delivered a couple of weeks ago, all of the children and staff were buzzing AND are very exciting about the planned lessons in April.”

Marie Waring  – Scalford School Leicestershire


“Drumba was absolutely fantastic! The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the hour’s session – fun, lively and engaging for both boys and girls, all ages and abilities. Drumba is a great idea, co-ordinating drumming and fitness to pop songs! The instructors were excellent too – so full of energy and great at getting everyone involved. Fantastic day was had by everyone and something I definitely recommend for everyone to get involved with and do!”

Rachel Wright – The West Bridgford School Nottinghamshire


“We invited Drumba to come to our school having been introduced to the concept in a taster session at a Rushcliffe Schools Sports Partnership meeting.

Having heard nothing but positive praise about it we were keen to experience it for ourselves so we booked in a 6 week block for 2 Key Stages covering the whole school. We were able to facilitate this by using some of our allocated PE & Sport Premium Grant.

From the start Adam and Tommy have been fantastic. From their professional set up and excellent time keeping through to the rapport with the children and their enthusiasm and energy the experience has been a totally positive one.

During the sessions every child, without exception, is engaged in a high energy, fast paced workout which combines aerobic movement with music and drumming skills. The level of the children’s abilities has progressed each week and the impact on their levels of fitness is evident as their stamina has increased. Not only that, but the children love it! One year 2 boy said, “It’s the best thing we do all week!” and he now brings in his own drumsticks.

I would thoroughly recommend Drumba to any school as a unique PE experience that keeps all of the children fit, engaged and having fun!”

Beatrice Smith  – Willoughby Primary School

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Tier 1
One off Events


Full Day of DRUMBA®

Half Day of DRUMBA®

30 minute classes (recommended for Key Stage 1s)

40 minute classes

60 minute classes

Schedules/timetables provided

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Tier 2
6 / 12 Week Crash Courses

6 week crash course

12 week crash course

Raise heart rate every session

Learn, play and perform music whilst taking part in exercise

Attain a new skill which requires discipline, coordination, stamina and timing

30/40/60 minute classes available

Learn official DRUMBA® fitness routines

End of crash course concert (12 weeks only)

Tier 3
PPA Cover


Includes all benefits of Tiers 1 and 2 and also delivers:

Curriculum support

PPA cover

PE provision

Two Terms
(commitment minimum)


if you have a particular requirement and you’d like us to design and build a plan that best suits your school, timetable and budget, we can do that too.