Beat  Burn  Fit


Come and have a bash !

This is your opportunity to combine some great fun and energetic activities such as cardio training, balance exercises, coordination skills, resistance and strength techniques. All of which get you in the flow/feeling of the beat and the music. You can follow and learn a variety of styles of music and beats too. Above all its a feel great about yourself exercise class. We mix the latest and slickest music in to our DRUMBA® mixes, with a new mix every 8-12 weeks!

Learn and Burn

  • You can improve your sense of rhythm, groove, timing and coordination
  • Push your own limits and release that desire to get funky
  • Beat the living daylights out of our custom made drum stations (OUCH)!
  • Our inspiration is taken from high intensity circuit training and rudimental drum skills such as drum rolls, beats and fills you hear all the time in your favourite tracks

The Music Never Stops

For years studies have proven music and playing drums in particular stimulates powerful chemicals in the body and mind, improving coordination, maintaining high levels of focus and cross lateral thought processing which in turn can fight stress, anxiety and relieve frustration, over time it can also lower blood pressure. If you’re lucky you might find two or three 30 second breaks during the routine, but hey….. you won’t let that put you off will you?

Join our specifically tailored 40 minute routines today, where the music never stops!

All classes provided to schools and at our studio are running virtually until further notice. If you would like more details of live steam sessions, pre-recorded video classes or purchasing a Drumba licence for your school you can enquire here: